English-Indonesian Translation Service

This is a blog owned by a translator. Thus, it is just logical that I provide you with some information about the service I am offering, i.e. translation. Like I have mentioned in my I am a Freelance Translator, I am a native speaker of Indonesian language. And as you can see, I speak  English. And these are the language pair I work on. Here is the detail you might need to know to have your documents translated.

Rate               : 0.06 – 0.12 USD/word

Speed per day  : 4000 words.

Payment method   : Wire transfer/ Western Union

Areas of expertise : Business/Commerce (General), IT, General/Conversation/Letters etc.

Order method         : You can send me the document you want me to work on to: pakne_maryam@yahoo.co.id or sudiatno.penerjemah@gmail.com.

In case you need to assure yourself about the quality of my translation, I can work on one- to two-page trial. Should you need further information about the service, feel free to contact me at the email addresses above or my Yahoo! Messenger. You can also view my profile here and here.

Have a nice day.

Semarang, May 25th, 2011



6 responses to “English-Indonesian Translation Service

  1. rate-nya apa tidak keliru itu Mas? 0.06 – 0.012 USD/word? Apa tidak 0.06 – 0.12 USD?

  2. Walah Mas Ade wes neng kene…Ora melok-melok aku, lo Mas Sudiatno 😀

    • who said so? you’re the one that should be held responsible for encouraging me to make this blog. thus, all things taken place here are indirectly connected to you :P. btw, sukses mas untuk seminarnya di unitomo hari ini.

  3. semoga sukses ya,bro..suatu saat insyaallah tak susul 🙂

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