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I am a Freelance Translator!

Equipped with some craziness towards language, English in particular, I decided to continue my study in 2003 in Semarang State University, commonly known as UNNES, majoring in English Education. It was designated to prepare me and other students to be English teachers. Cornered with incapability of affording my daily needs, I turned my eyes to look for a job. While my fellow students usually chose to teach, thanks to such financial incapability, I decided to take the job as translator. It was Mr. Rahmad Ibrahim who hired me as his translator. With limited linguistic resources in English, I strove to cope with this. As the time went by, I got acquainted to English. To my own surprise, it was in this language-related service that I found some joy I could not get somewhere else. Undoubtedly, I indebted much to Mr. Ibrahim for what I have got.
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