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What It Takes To Be A Freelance Translator

As you might have known from my previous article, I am a Freelance Translator, I am a newbie in this sort of thing. Yet, I do not think that sharing what I have been through for these last, say, one and a half months will be a mistake since, at least for me, everything is just a matter of process. So is with being a freelance translator.  For this time being, within this short period of my career, I can say that there are only four things that one needs to be a freelance translator. However, along with time, there might be a time when I have to revise them, either reducing them to just three or two or adding to them a certain number of issues. Yet, they are still worth-sharing.

What I will say here is not something technical like “read more news in English” or “Learn how to use CAT Tools” and so forth. These things you have to have are some fundamentals within yourself. And since they exist within you, you should have control over them.
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